Construction & philisophy

All guitars that I make are made of the highest quality materials available and completely hand crafted, shaped from rough wood to a finished guitar mainly with sharp  hand tools. As few machines as possible are incorporated into the building process for two reasons: I find great pleasure doing as much as I possibly can with hand tools, not so much by pushing a router in a jig. And I think that this shows up in the end result, a machine can never replicate the delicate shapes of a craftsman's hand. 

My deep passion for the american steel string guitars from the "Golden era" of guitar building have influenced me to build guitars with materials and construction techniques from this era. I focus on building exacting replicas of these guitar, both sound, feel and looks has to be right. I have several different options for tonewood but will always use the same building techniques as was being used back in the days when some of the best steel string guitars that exist were made.

The Guitars

Body sizes

All models are available in both 14 and 12 fret style.

Model "0"

Model "00"

Model "000"

Model "Dreadnought"

Other styles - Please inquire


Click on the styles for more information

Style 18 - $5000

Style 21 - $6000

Style 28 - $6000

Style 42  - $8000

Style 45 - $12000


Shellac/Varnish finish - $500

Sunburst - $300

Bar frets - $300

Torch inlay (on lower styles than 42, 45) - $300

Brazilian Rosewood back and sides: $3000

Other back and side woods: Please inquire

Prices will be raised (about 10-20% depending on demand) for every batch until I have reached a price lever similar to my well established colleagues. 

Prices are not including shipping, VAT, duties or other taxes. Case is included for all guitars